Materials and Logistics Support

Material Management


•      Extensive sourcing connections

•      Periodic pricing negotiation with value analysis

•      Alternative component sourcing

•      Up-to-date knowledge of component market trends

•      Supplier qualification programs and audits

•      Partnering with key suppliers

•      Components management for end-of-life products


Logistics Support


To ensure quick response to latest market changes and reduce complex task of final configuration on customers's side, our versatile MRP system allows customers to specify exactly how they would like their products to be configured as close to the shipment date as possible.

Our extensive world-wide distribution service enables the products to reach any location designated by the customers.


After the product is launched to the market, we provide support to customers with:


•      Repair and refurbishment services

•      Supply of spare parts

•      Field failure analysis

•      Product upgrades

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